My Experience Eating Live Guinea Pig in Peru…(Warning!! You Tube Has Banned This Video In Several Countries)

When I first arrived in Peru I heard that Guinea Pig was a popular delicacy.. I was fascinated by this, because I had always seen Guinea pigs as pets and not something you eat for dinner. I knew right then that I had to try it and make a video out of the experience.

So I found a local restaurant near my hostel one night and asked the owners if I could record the entire process after I returned from my four day hike to Machu Picchu.

They were happy to let me and seemed oddly just as excited as me. The restaurant is called Nanas Grill and is a petite and beautiful little place to dine. Hand made pastas with a truly homemade touch. The entire restaurant is probably no bigger than a common Master bedroom int the states, but just by coming in the front doors makes you feel like family.

So anyways, when I returned four days later, I was surprised to find that I had an International audience waiting.. Evidentally the owner had informed some local tourists that I was coming that night to record the crucifixion of little “Eddy” the Guinea Pig. During the recording everyone kept joking that what we were doing was Satanic…So I sort of went with this idea as I made the video.

Check it out above…I have to say, its pretty damn funny. Please leave comments..


  1. Great Movie.

  2. I’m scarred for life. Thanks Nate.

  3. Wow! Poor Guinea Pig !!!!!!!

    This is an awesome video … You were right, the restaurant also had excellent hand made pasta and the nachos were delicious ….. unforgettable experience in the streets of Cusco …..

    Saludos Nate!

  4. Gracias Rodrigo. I appreciate the compliment. It was a very interesting experience, that’s for sure. Im probably going to hell for making this video, but its all in the name of blogging. Anyhow, I’ll see you in Chile soon!

    Chow Amigo!


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