The Myth Of Born With Talent And The Law of 10,000 Hours

Michael Phelps lagged behind Milorad Cavic, who was swimming the race of his life. In the final 20 feet, Michael looked like he was about to lose.  The replay showed in fact that, on the final stroke, Cavic had Michael beaten. But Cavic glided to the wall while Michael made one last desperate lunge and… Read More →

How To Make New Years Resolutions Stick

As I look back over the past year, I look in amazement as I see all that I have accomplished. It has been a period of massive transformation on nearly all levels, to the point where I don’t even feel like the same person anymore. I have come to realize so many things about myself… Read More →

How To Be True To Yourself

The salty sea breeze blows gently off the Pacific ocean as I sit in a grass hut seconds from the beach in Venao, Panama. (A 7 hour bus ride to the border of Costa Rica.) The smell of the lush jungle behind me and fresh brewed coffee from the little bar waft in the air… Read More →

3 Step Process To Making Your 1 Life Incredible

When I was younger I used to dream how my life was going to be. Summer months, I would sit on the porch at my moms house with my cousin, (we were like brothers) and we would sit and talk about all the amazing experiences we were going to have one day. I knew somehow… Read More →

How To Set Goals That Give You Massive Momentum

Creating attainable smalls goals is the key to giving yourself a sense of momentum that empowers you to keep going towards your big goals. The problem behind setting goals that are too big and far off in the future, is that we tend to get frustrated and give up. On the flip side, most people… Read More →

How To Program Your Mind For Success

Photo From: Frames of Mind This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. It’s exciting because once you realize the power of your subconscious and your ability to change your beliefs about what is possible, you will come to understand that you can have anything you desire. From relationships and wealth to the… Read More →

Living Well Is The Best Revenge

My grandmother was unpacking a box one day, and took out a small framed plaque that had a saying on it. “Here you can have this” she said, “always remember it when life gets you down” I took it and read it out loud, “Living Well Is The Best Revenge" Hmm, ok thanks” I said… Read More →