My Experience: Traveling Through Amazing Patagonia

My Experience In Patagonia

One of the highlights of my travels in South America was by far the time I spent in Patagonia.

Patagonia is an area in the South of the continent shared between Argentina and Chile… It’s one the last untouched frontiers in the world, and is home to the third largest glacier in the world, preceded by Antarctica and Iceland.

After a few months living in Santiago Chile enjoying the routines of city life, I was due for a bit of time in the wilderness to collect my thoughts for moving forward with many things in my life.

I started my time in Patagonia in a town called Ushuaia which is known as the End of the World, as it the the last civilized city at the end of South America. It is the launching point for expeditions to Antarctica (about 600 miles to the Antarctic Continent)

I spent nearly a month traveling by foot and by bus from the tip of South America in Ushia into El Calafate.

I hiked Torres Del Paines in Chile, and then spent some time hiking around the Glaciers outside of El Calafate in Argentina before making my way back to Buenos Aires city life.

My time there was amazing. Something about the nature always brings out the best in me and seems to center me in my core.

I reveled in the solitary of hiking alone most of the time and spent days in the pristine mountains enjoying my own company, my own mind.

I captured lots of video of my experience and put it together in the video above. Hope you enjoy! Love to hear your comments.

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