My Experience In Peru: Random Footage of Exotic Markets, Bizarre Foods and Strange Parades

Random Footage

Most of the posts I make on this site will tend to have a story line to them…for example a journey to some place or maybe documenting some sort of process or experience I’ve had.

But there is also many times that I capture footage that doesn’t seem to fit into any story line other than the fact that it’s just part of my every day experience. More or less random events that I think are cool enough to pull out my camera and start recording. (At least I think they’ll cool, but then again I’m very easily amused)

And to be honest, I feel like if I didn’t publish them for you to see I would be depriving you of some really good stuff.

Some Random Thoughts As I Made This Video

The more I travel the more I find that there is as many commonalities as there is differences in the way people and things operate around the world.  Without question, I think you’ll see, especially if you have never traveled outside of the States, that the way most people live in the world is indeed very different than the way we have come to experience life in the US.  A good lesson for the many people that tend to think they have it all figured out.

I often think of what it be like to pluck a typical red neck American, (you know, cowboy hats and Dodge pickups) out of the States and place him in the middle of a typical nieghborhood in a third world country.

Having this thought has made me finally understand why Americans have the reputation for being disliked in many places around the world.

In a conversation I had over dinner with a Brazilian doctor a few nights ago, she explained to me that some people, for example in Brazil, are displeased with the fact that Americans more or less control a world they know nothing about. The level of truth that statement carries is beyond me and frankly outside of my understanding. But I definitely got her point (as I sipped my beer in an awkward moment of silence) and it was a humbling realization to say the least.

Furthermore, as I travel I am finding that many people from other countries, most commonly Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and many parts of South America tend to travel the world quite extensively. In addition, many of these people tend to speak multiple languages, especially from Europe.

On the flip side, I could probably count on two hands (literally) of all the Americans I have met on this trip so far.

I guess the best advice I can give in this regard is: number one, start traveling to places outside of the US if you want to gain a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. And number two, don’t frown upon new things because they seem different or weird. Because in actuality we (Americans) are the weird ones, and you’ll most likely realize that a majority of the people on this planet live in ways that are stranger and more different than anything you have ever imagined.

So anyhow, the above is a video of some various clips that I put together from some recent traveling through various parts of Peru. I hope you enjoy!

And as always, please share your comments.

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