7 Step Process For Bringing Your Big Dreams Into Reality

Om Symbol

The Om Symbol

For the last few years I have worn the “Om” symbol around my neck. I love it, and to this day, it still has a strong presence in my life. Stronger than any necklace I have ever worn.

In fact, strangely, I become aware of it multiple times throughout the day and it serves as a constant reminder of truth of this world I live in and my potential to do amazing things in it.

The symbol has a lot of meanings. The ancient vedas declared that, whoever knows this syllable obtains all that he desires.

On one hand it takes the mind beyond the immediate to what is abstract and indescribable, but also makes the absolute more tangible and comprehensive. It embraces all potentialities and possibilities, and it is everything that was, is, or will be.

In other words, it is the root of all creation. And we are all experiencing it whether we realize it or not.

But how do we harness this amazing power? And how do we use it to get the things we want in life?

I have always been a big dreamer and at an early age became nearly obsessed with the idea of creating an amazing life for myself.

And over the years I have studied and experimented with many ways for bringing my desires into reality. Some that worked and others that didn’t. But over nearly 12 years I have put together a 7 step process that works wonders for me and to this day has yet to fail in the eventual achievement of what I am setting out to do.

I will explain each step briefly here and then explore each one more in depth in separate blog posts.

Briefly the 7 steps are as follows:

  1. Developing Clarity  – This is the beginning phase of everything. It is the process of connecting with what it is you really want. Call it your true calling or purpose in life, it doesn’t matter. But I believe there is something pulling at us at all times. We all feel it. In fact, it has been pulling at us our entire lives, always on the tip of our tounge trying to reveal itself. It’s our job to connect with this, and when we do, to follow it to wherever it leads.
  2. Creating a Vision – The next step is to create a clear vision what our lives would look like when we have this new reality. This is no place to think small. I believe our main purpose in life is to connect with a dream inside us and then spend our days, our lives bringing that dream into reality. This is the foundation I believe of living a life of passion. When you are in the persuit of a vision inside of you, a big vision that has the potential to transform your life and the lives of others, you become a person of power. You will ooze enthusiam and your words will sound like music to peoples ears. There will be a uniqueness about you and people will notice. Once you have written out what your vision, based on the new reality you want to experience, it’s time to go to step number three.
  3. Programming Your Mind For Success – This is the process of creating new beliefes for yourself and your new life. Often when you create your vision it will seem so outrageous and maybe even impossible to reach. At this phase we go deep into your inner world to transform thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are holding you back. Without properly reprogramming these beliefs in your subsconcsious they will prove to keep you from every achieving your goals. You might try and try to overcome them by shear force, but inevitably your deep rooted beliefs about what you think is possible will bring you back to old patterns. This is the most critical phase of the process as it can be seen as the main hurdle that you must overcome. By reprogramming your mind using a variety of methods, such as affirmations, self hypnosis and guided imagery, your path to success becomes natural and enjoyable. It will begin to flow and unfold like a movie. Trust me on this.
  4. Creating Attainable Goals – By this phase, you have connected with some deep desires that you want to bring into your life, you have created a clear vision of what that will look like, you have begun the process of reprogramming your mind to accept this new reality, and now its time to begin setting concrete milestones based on you see as the path to get there. It’s not important to know “how” to get to these stepping stones, but merely just what they are. To expose the main milestones along the path so we can see what needs to be accomplished to get to our new reality. Any goal is achievable if we just break it down into enough steps and then focus on achieving them one at a time.
  5. Self Discipline And Taking Action – It is said that action is the bridge between your inner world and outer world. Nothing happens without this phase. This is the process of becoming centered in knowing what needs to be done, and simply begin taking action immediately and continuously towards the achievement of your milestones. But not just any action, you take repeated action in the areas most likely to bring us success and results as quickly as possible by focusing on the top 20% of actions that will bring us 80% of our results.
  6. Resolving To Never Give Up – Like a machine without an off button, once you begin down the path to your goals, you resolve to never give up. By resolving to never give up, you literally ensure yourself that your goals will become a reality. They have to. Persistence wears down resistence and by becoming a person who never gives up, you become a person who is unstoppable. And unstoppable forces ALWAYS persevere. You must burn all bridges and move towards your goal as quickly and ambitiously as possible without ever stopping until they are a part of your new reality.
  7. Realization Of The Dream – The final phase is the realization of your dream. It’s a powerful moment and you may not even realize when you cross the threshold into your new reality. But one day you will wake an realize that your are indeed living the dream you once had. And like a river that never stops flowing, your life will keep going.  And because nothing in life is stagnant, you simply repeat this process for your newer bigger dreams. It never ends until your life ends. I believe this is what the bible was saying in Proverbs 6.2 “Without Vision, Man Shall Perish”

I hope this post was helpful, here’s to your dreams :)

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